Emotional Support Animals

Are Emotional Support Animals Allowed on Public Transit?

If you live in or are visiting a large city, you may find that public transit it a much cheaper more convenient mode of transportation than driving or walking. Many major cities in the US are expanding their public transit options to accommodate their growing size and population. You may be wondering if you can take your emotional support or service animal on public transit with you, so here are some guidelines on navigating public transit with your emotional support animal or service dog.

Emotional Support Animals on Public Transit

Emotional support animals are only protected by the Fair Housing Act, meaning they can live with you fee-free regardless of pet policy. However, emotional support animal certification does not extend much from that, meaning you cannot take your emotional support animal onto public transit with you. Some forms of public transit allow small dogs, or small animals in pet carriers. Check the specific guidelines of the public transit method you are looking to use for what they will allow. This may also vary greatly by state.

Service Animals on Public Transit

Service animals are considered necessary medical equipment under the ADA and can be taken almost anywhere with you regardless of pet policy. Make sure you have a letter of certification for your service animal with you and remember you do not need to disclose personal information other than that your animal is a service animal which performs a specific task in relation to your disability. Service animals can travel with you on public transport, just make sure to train them in advance to be calm in all circumstances, even crowded buses or loud trains.

Psychiatric Service Dogs on Public Transit

Many emotional support animals may qualify as psychiatric service animals. A psychiatric service dog is defined as a dog which performs a specific task in relation to a mental disability or illness. An example of this is a dog who reminds you at the correct time to take your medication, so you don’t forget. Psychiatric service dogs get all the benefits that service animals get, meaning they can accompany you on public transport.

In conclusion, emotional support animals cannot travel with you on public transit, unless that public transit allows pets in general. Service animals can accompany you almost anywhere, including public transit. Psychiatric service dogs count as service animals, meaning they can also go with you on public transit. Check specific guidelines of the form of public you are taking in advance for more details on their requirements. It is also important to make sure you have a letter of certification for your emotional support animal or service animal. Contact our experts at United Support Animal to get a letter quickly and easily.