Emotional Support Animals

Can I Take My Emotional Support Animal on an Uber?

Support Animal on an Uber

Uber and similar services such as Lyft, Curb, and mytaxi have grown rapidly in popularity and have made travel much easier and safer in many regards. Now, you can easily get a ride to and from the airport, make it safely home after a night out on the town, or just get to work if your car won’t start. However, are emotional support animals and service animals allowed by Uber? Here is a look at Uber’s service animal policy.

Does Uber Allow Emotional Support Animals?

Emotional support animals are protected by the Fair Housing Act, meaning you can live with your emotional support animal regardless of pet policy or pet fees. However, emotional support animal privileges do not extend any further than that. You cannot take them out in public with you, and when traveling, you must pay pet fees. The same applies to Uber. Individual Uber drivers can decide whether to accept or decline your pet and may charge an extra cleaning fee because of hair loss.

Uber’s Pet Policy

When you request a ride on the Uber App, make sure to order Uber Pet to ensure you get a driver who will accept your animal. Also, note you can only take one animal with you on an Uber ride. The Uber Pet feature is also primarily for dogs and cats, and you are expected to have control of your animal during the ride and have them restrained with a leash or harness. If an Uber driver deems that the animal will cause a safety issue or cause damage to their vehicle, they can decline to give you a ride.

Does Uber Allow Service Animals?

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Uber drivers are required to allow service animals to ride, as they are considered necessary medical equipment. Uber drivers can ask if your animal is a service animal and what task it performs. They cannot ask you for documentation or for any details on your disability. There is no pet fee for a service animal, but if your service animal has an accident in the Uber driver’s vehicle, they can charge a cleaning fee. Uber drivers also must accept psychiatric service dogs, so it may be worth finding out if your emotional support animal qualifies as a psychiatric service animal.

To sum up, taking a support animal on an Uber are considered by Uber policy, and you must pay a pet fee and cleaning fee to ride with them. You can ride with a service animal no matter what and will not have to pay pet fees or cleaning fees unless your service animal has an accident in the vehicle. Psychiatric service animals are also allowed to ride in an Uber without pet fees. Having proper documentation for your service animal is always important, and you can get a letter easily and efficiently from our experts at United Support Animal. Shop for certificates here