Emotional Support Animals

Can Two People Share a Support Animal?

share a support animal

Can Two People Share a Support Animal? Maybe you have an emotional support animal that benefits everyone in your household. Or maybe you and your partner who live together share the same emotional support animal out of convenience. When you are traveling or looking for housing, how does this sharing system work legally? Are you technically allowed to do this? Read on to learn the details of sharing an emotional support animal.

Emotional Support Animal Letter of Certification

In order for your furry friend to officially be your emotional support animal, you must have an emotional support animal letter of certification written by a medical or mental health professional approving your need for the animal. Both you and the person you are sharing your emotional support animal with must have individual letters of certification from your medical professionals. Many people may opt for just one person having a letter since this will allow them to house the animal, but should that person ever move out, having your own certification is extremely valuable.

Emotional Support Animal Ownership

If you and your partner share a support animal, and you both have emotional support animal certification for it, who has ownership of it if you part ways? This is determined by whose name is on the legal adoption papers. Other paperwork in consideration includes whose name is on the dog license, vet bills, and microchip. Basically, whoever can prove ownership of the animal through documentation will get the animal.

In the case of a divorce with joint ownership of the animal, if the issue cannot be resolved through mediation, then the court may set up joint custody of the animal, and it will be shared between the two parties.

Emotional Support Animal Sharing

It may be best in the long run to each get your own emotional support animal, simply because sharing the animal may become a challenge. One animal can only be in one place at a time. If you and your partner or a family member have a fight, and you are both distressed and want the emotional support animal, you will end up fighting even more about who gets to cuddle with it at that moment. It will also simplify things legally and prevent issues in the case of separation if you each have your own.

On the other side of the issue, it may save you money, space, and time to share a support animal for multiple people. If you think you can work it out and share the animal evenly, then it may be a more economically sound choice for you.

In conclusion, you can share a support animal with someone else, but you will both need emotional support animal letters of certification. Also, this letter of certification does not dictate ownership of the animal. This is determined by other documentation. Carefully weigh the pros and cons of sharing an emotional support animal before making a choice, as it comes with benefits and challenges. To get an emotional support animal letter of certification easily, visit United Support Animal and talk to one of our qualified experts today!