Emotional Support Animals

Emotional Support Dogs Spreading Holiday Cheer

All though most agree it is the most wonderful time of the year, the holidays can be a stressful and hectic time for many. Whether money is tight or the holidays make you miss a loved one, it can be hard to cope with all the emotions that come at Christmas time. If you feel alone and struggle with depression, mental illness, or other psychiatric disabilities, you are by law afforded the right to make your dog or cat an emotional support animal by contacting United Support Animals and using our easy process for getting an ESA Letter. An emotional support dog may be just the thing to bring joy and stability to you as you walk an uncertain path full of emotions. Unlike a service dog that is usually trained for aiding someone with a physical disability such as blindness or deafness, an emotional support dog is your companion and can help with mental and psychological illnesses. An emotional support dog or cat can offer comfort and companionship that you may not even realize you need. Examining the good these dogs can do, and the services they provide can give you an insight into how important they are.

United Support Animals is an agency that connects you with a licensed mental health professional for your ESA Letter and Emotional Support Animal prescription. Our organization also offers resources such as registration for your ESA and all necessary equipment for you and your support pet. They can answer any questions you may have about service dogs or emotional support dogs. Along with offering advice and support, they have a wide selection of accessories for your support pet. From leashes to harnesses, collars, and special tags, you can ensure your pet is well-equipped with the best equipment possible. It is important for a passerby to know when a support pet is in their presence. If you suffer from panic attacks or anxiety, a support animal can help you immensely. During the holidays, it is easy to feel alone, but these animals can offer love and a sense of holiday cheer to anyone who needs them.

Not only does United Support Animals help you to better understand the purpose of an emotional support dog, but they get you approved for a legal support animal and also offer quick registration for your animal. Whether you want to bring your pet on flights or into a no pets permitted housing, United Support Animals offers a quick and affordable process. Registering your animal ensures that you are free to have your emotional support dog by your side as your companion at all times. Whether you already have an ESA Letter and prescription or you need to register your emotional support animal , United Support Animals can offer you the help and resources you need to get started. Don’t feel like you have to go through the holidays alone and depressed year after year. An emotional support dog or cat not only offer companionship, but they offer a sense of safety for their owner and will be there to offer support and love. For your Emotional Support Animal Letter or for registration needs or to find out more about emotional support animals and our packages, click here to register your pet.