Emotional Support Animals

How to Tell If a Cat if The Right Emotional Support Animal for You

Emotional Support Cat

When people think of emotional support animals, they generally think of dogs, since dogs are easy to train and transport. However, any domesticated animal can qualify as an emotional support animal. For many people, cats make amazing ESAs for a number of reasons. Read on to find out if a cat is the right emotional support animal for you.


Cats are very peaceful, collected animals. Generally, they are very quiet and calm. After a stressful day, coming home to the serenity of your fluffy cat curled up on the couch can help create a stress-free home environment. If you want to avoid getting a dog that barks loudly or is very hyperactive, a cat may be a better choice.


Another plus of owning a cat is that they are extremely low maintenance. They do not need to be let outside, which means they can be left alone for longer periods of time. Instead of having set mealtimes, dry food can be left out at all times for cats. They also require less exercise and attention than dogs. If you are extremely busy and have little time to care for an animal, a cat may be a better choice for you.

Health Benefits

There are few things more comforting than hearing a cat purr. A cat’s purr actually has healing properties that can reduce your blood pressure, treat infections, provide pain relief, and more. In fact, cat owners have 40% less risk of having a heart attack, proving cat’s amazing health benefits. These furry companions not only provide emotional comfort but can also improve physical well-being.

Clearly, cats can provide comfort and calm in variety of different ways.  Not only are they peaceful and quiet, but they also require minimal care and are very independent. Plus, they reward their owners with not only improved mental health but physical benefits as well. If you decide a fantastic feline is the right emotional support animal for you, make sure to get a letter of certification on our website, United Support Animals. There we have licensed mental health professionals ready to help you get a letter for your emotional support cat.